Innovative Ways to Get Seller Leads for Realtors

Innovative Ways to Get Seller Leads for Realtors

Real estate seller lead generation is ever changing. Keeping up with the industry leaders requires the adoption of emerging tactics. This can be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking.

The trick is to look for innovative methods that others are likely to ignore. Go for listing leads for realtors that save you money and result in long-term business. With that in mind, here are some cheap innovative ways to generate listing leads.

1. Look for Life-Changing Events

Marriages, new jobs, graduations, 21st birthdays, and even divorces are some of the huge life-changing events that people go through at some point. One side effect of these events is that they tend to make up a huge part of the real estate clientele.

To get such listings, do a bit of research. Look for marriage announcements in the local paper. Get in touch with local divorce lawyers and have them place your advertisement materials in their lobbies. Take out ad space in college graduation brochures. Put your business card up in adult education centers. These are all ways to reach an audience that might be thinking of buying or selling property.

2. Get Media Publicity for your Listings

Media, whether visual or audio, plays a big role in getting seller leads for realtors. That said, getting your listings featured in mainstream newspapers or on TV stations can cost a fortune. The upside is that you will get many leads in a very short period of time.

However, if you are operating on a shoestring budget, there are low cost ways of becoming a household name. Start with answering real estate-related queries on real estate or financial advice forums. This is where you will find potential property buyers and renters looking for free answers to their real estate questions.

Help out on both real estate and financial issues. Potential customers, especially those looking to make their first buy, expect you to be a financial guru. This means having answers to everything from college loans to retirement benefits. Also, be sure to have a top-ranking website and social media pages where you advertise your listings.

3. Never Stop Cold Calling

Cold calling requires lots of patience and boldness. If you can master it, there are many leads to be made. To make the best use of an answered call, you must be innovative in your approach.

For example, the focus of your questions should be on your client and not on yourself. It also helps to aim for a good rapport during the first call and leave closing to a later call. This is a sure way of not overwhelming your prospective customers while finding out what benefits they expect from you.

You can also cold call individuals within your social and professional circles. You probably don’t keep in touch with every family member or acquaintance who crosses your path, but if you want to build up your listing leads, make a point of calling everyone in your contacts. This is not only a proven way to build listing leads for realtors, it keeps you fresh in their minds so they can refer you to others in need of real estate services.