Solo travel by women

How can women feel safer? It is a rhetorical query because we often feel unsafe at home. Even if the ride is a normal subway ride, young girls could be subject to harassment. Society overlooks all of these cases and assumes that if people pretend that everything is fine, then no problems will happen. Solo travel by women is something that sounds loud, but it can actually be quite difficult. It is important to keep your eyes and ears open, and be vigilant. It doesn't only concern the'standard" scammers you will encounter in tourist areas. Because outsiders can be distinguished from the rest by their attire, gestures, behavior, and clothing, fraudsters will make you a victim. Only if you are lucky can you escape a disaster. It is my opinion that certain countries should be barred from women traveling abroad. The chances of coming back safe and secure are very slim. As an example, kidnapping is still a common method of getting married in some countries. However, even though civilized and educated people can't grasp the essence behind such an action they won't be able ask for their opinions.