Top Places to Visit in Orange County on Your Next Trip

Orange County is a place where you and your family will make the best memories of your life. This city is perfect for people looking for a relaxing and peaceful vacation

Orange County is a place where you and your family will make the best memories of your life. This city is perfect for people looking for a relaxing and peaceful vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This natural seething will make you forget all your worries. You can head to the Disney California Adventure Park if you are bringing your kids along. In case you are looking to add a beach to your trip, visit Huntington City Beach. There are a lot more places to explore when you visit Orange county. Booking Spirit Airlines Reservations will help you plan the best trip with comfortable flights and luxurious hotels. Along with that, we have listed some of the top places to visit in Orange County. Read through the list and plan your trip according to have the best out of this beautiful place. 

  • Disney California Adventure Park

Haven’t we all wished to visit Disneyland once in our childhood? Well, it is never too late to bring out the inner child. Disneyland California Adventure Park is not just for kids but also for adults. This place is so much fun that you would not want to go home once you visit here. This park will make you feel like you are in one of the Disney movies. You will find many props from some of the famous Disney movies, including carpets, cars, brooms, and much more. In addition to that, you and your kids can enjoy various fun rides available in the park. Make sure to take your kids to the Animation Academy and watch the Pixar Parade together. 

  • Huntington City Beach

If you are on a beach vacation, then you must visit Huntington City Beach in Orange County. Locals know this place by the name “Surf City USA.” The white snowy sand, clean turquoise waters, and clear sky will bring you away from the busy life of cities. You can lie by the beach or get into the seas while your kids enjoy along the coastline. The beach gets more alive tonight as the sun starts to set. People gather in large groups and enjoy live music along with drinks. You can spend a quiet night by the silent waves hitting the rocks while enjoying a small bonfire. 

  • Marina Park

Another water body, safe for kids and adventurous for adults at the same time, is Marina Park in Orange County. The water here is mostly calm and is great for swimming. If you want to go surfing or deep into the waters, you can drop your kids at the playground made for them. You can have adventures while they play on the grounds with other kids. People usually forget the judgemental world and let their inner kids have fun while they are in Marina Park. 

  • Pirate Tower

Not known to many people, the Pirate Tower is a good place to spend some relaxing, peaceful time. This hidden gem is a very beautiful place with a mesmerizing backdrop. Standing on Victoria Beach since 1926, this 60 feet tower is a must-visit in Orange County. This tower was once home to many famous people of the city, including William E. Brown and Naval Officer Harold Kendrick. You can see the inside of their house at the top of the tower and can click the best pictures from your trip. 

  • The Blind Rabbit

People looking for some alone time can come to the Blind Rabbit. This place has a lot to offer except for the loud noise. One can explore the taste of their local cuisine, calming surrounding settings, and much more when they come to the blind rabbit. However, it would be best to do some research in advance to find this hidden bar in the city. Also, the club requires an advance booking; otherwise, you will have to wait for hours to get yourself a seat here. The only time when you can get seated here without bookings is between 2 to 4 pm. 

  • Back Bay Loop Trail

Hikers heaven in Orange County is Back Bay Loop Trail. Locals and tourists come here to experience adventure on their trip. They go biking, riding, hiking, and even trekking on this amazing trail. The surrounding settings of this trail are eye-catching, and people love to take pictures on this 10 miles long trail to make their vacation memorable for a lifetime. You will get to see a variety of flowers, plants, and wildlife here. However, it is best not to go there in a personal vehicle and instead tag along a guided tour or a travel group to have more fun. 

Orange County is a beautiful place to visit with your family and have some adventure while your kids enjoy themselves. You can make your advance bookings with Jetblue Book a flight available on their website so that you can completely focus on all the fun this place has to offer.

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